Australians win $733,000 lottery jackpot while on vacation

An Australian couple said they will never forget their recent vacation after a lottery ticket they picked up during the holiday earned them a jackpot of more than $700,000.

The Logan, Queensland, couple, who chose to remain anonymous, told The Lott officials they were on vacation in Cairns when they bought ticket for Monday night’s Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto at the Spar Holloways Beach store.

The ticket matched the drawn numbers 33-15-22-24-18-14, earning them a $733,487.36 jackpot.

“We checked the ticket on The Lott app last night,” the husband told officials. “We couldn’t believe it. We thought it must be a mistake. Nothing like this has ever happened to us, so it felt like a dream.”

The pair said they will try to act responsibly with their winnings.

“Honestly, we have no idea what we will do,” the wife said. “We’d like to go and see a financial adviser before we make any big decisions. We know we will use it for our retirement, but we want to make sure we are wise with it.”